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    Tips by Arjen, owner of Vondel Hotels

    27 may 2019

    Arjen van den Hof is a true local. As the owner of Vondel Hotels and resident of Amsterdam,
    he knows the city at its best! Every month he personally collects tips to make your stay in Amsterdam even better!



    1. Moco Museum
    The Moco Museum is a boutique museum with a wide range of modern, inspiring and contemporary art. Must see!

    Where?  Honthorsstraat 20
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    2. Ripley's believe it or not! museum 
    A museum full of curiosities. Visit this museum to see the most absurd things you can imagine. 

    Where? Dam 21
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    3. Bottomless Brunch
    Sunday brunchday! Every Sunday you can enjoy a special brunch with unlimited bubbles at ONS HUIS. Live music every third edition of the month. 

    Where? Rozenstraat 12
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    4. Soak up the sunshine
    The sun is out! Toast your day and soak up the sunshine at Café Pontsteiger. Their brand new terrace has a stunning view overlooking the IJ River.

    Where? Pontsteiger 343 
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    5. Het Schelpenmuseum
    A treasure trove of shells, stones, peals and much more. Find the best gifts for every budget in this shop which is also a museum! 

    Where? Czaar Peterstraat 249
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    6. Store Without a Home 
    A must visit if you want to shop trendy home decoration, modern design lamps and unique gifts.

    Where? Haarlemmerdijk 26 
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    7. Tiny hidden houses
    The addresses on this street jump from 70 to 54. These mini houses were installed to account for the missing addresses. Can you find them?

    Where? Westerstraat 

    8. Vondelpark openluchttheater
    Every day of the weekend big names and young talent show their performances in this open-air theatre. Visit free of charge.

    Where? Vondelpark
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