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    Tips by Arjen, owner of Vondel Hotels

    31 july 2019

    Arjen van den Hof is a true local. As the owner of Vondel Hotels and resident of Amsterdam,
    he knows the city at its best! Every month he personally collects tips to make your stay in Amsterdam even better!



    1. Grachtenfestival
    From the 9th till the 18th of August, young musicians from all over the world use Amsterdam as their stage. 10 days of music celebration with 250 concerts on 90 locations. Some with free entrance. 

    Where?  Amsterdam
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    2. Oudemanhuispoort 
    In this alleyway you will find a daily book market where secondhand treasures such as books, posters, maps and sheet music can be found. Cash only. 

    Where? Oudemanhuispoort


    Remise47 organizes every Friday this summer event where you can enjoy fresh oysters and boozy bubbles. Enjoy the weekend vibes on their sunny terrace! 

    Where? Bellamyplein 47 
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    4. Bucket aan 't IJ
    Let's cheers with beers! This bucket with 4 Oedipus beers and delicious bites is perfect for a get together. Not a beer lover? Replace the beers for a bottle of wine. 

    Where? Café Pontsteiger, Pontsteiger 343
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    5. Ace & Tate
    Original (sun)glasses made in Amsterdam that look great on everybody thanks to their unique design. Also welcome for free eye-measurement and personal style advice. 

    Where? Haarlemmerstraat 70
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    6. I Love Vintage 
    A definate must-visit for every woman who loves vintage that isn't second handed. 

    Where? Prinsengracht 201 
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    7. Kattencafé Kopjes
    Cats, coffee and cake! That's what you get when you visit this cat cafe. For €3 entrance fee, you can cuddle for two hours while enjoying a delicious as-they-say cattucino. 

    Where? Marco Polostraat 211
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    8. Pluk de nacht festival 
    This open air film festival screens some of the best films worldwide that haven't made it to Dutch cinemas. The festival has free admission and can be visited from the 14th till the 24th of August. 

    Where? Stenen Hoofd
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